About VVOB

Education for development

VVOB is the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance, a non-profit organisation that implements development programmes in the education sector. Visit our parent organisation’s website www.vvob.be for details of our worldwide operations.


Together with MESVTEE, VVOB Zambia implements the LITLE Programme (Learning Improvements for Teachers and Lecturers in Early Education).

The VVOB intervention supports the Ministry of Education in monitoring the delivery of early childhood education at the colleges of education. VVOB is supporting the Ministry of Education in setting up systems for early childhood education. VVOB is empowering lecturers for early childhood education through in-service and pre-service training.


Together with MESVTEE and ZOCS and supported by the European Union, VVOB Zambia implements the ECSITE and QEECS projects.

Both aim at raising the quality of education in community schools Zambia.