What we do

LITLE Programme

Learning Improvements for Teachers and Lecturers in Early Education

The VVOB intervention supports the Ministry of Education in monitoring the delivery of early childhood education at the colleges of education. VVOB is supporting the Ministry of Education in setting up systems for early childhood education. VVOB is empowering lecturers for early childhood education through in-service and pre-service training.


Improving quality of education in community schools

Early 2012, VVOB Zambia in partnership with the Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) and the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education (MESVTEE) applied for a EU grant in Zambia. Our joint proposal ECSITE got allocated a major grant.

The ECSITE project aims at raising the standards of teaching in community schools by improving the quality of teachers and access to teaching and learning materials in community schools in two provinces of Zambia.


Quality Early Education in Community Schools

The QEECS project will improve the quality of early education in community schools in two districts in Zambia. It will be jointly implemented by VVOB and ZOCS.

Past Projects and Programmes:
Teacher Training Support Programme

Improving quality of primary education

The Teacher Training Support Programme started in 2008 and ran until the end of 2013. The specific goal of this programme was to improve the quality of pre-service and in-service teacher training for primary education in Zambia – including distance learning.